Caribbean Hurricanes Regional Humanitarian Situation Report No.9

19 de March de 2018

In September 2017, category 5-hurricanes Irma and Maria caused devastation and extensive breakdown of essential services across several Caribbean countries, leaving at least 1.4 million people - including 357,000 children - in need of assistance. Nearly six months after, most of the affected children are back in school and have restored access to services -including UNICEF -supported water and sanitation ...


23 de February de 2018

When hundreds of thousands of terrifi ed Rohingya refugees began fl ooding onto the beaches and paddyfi elds of southern Bangladesh six months ago, it was the children -- who made up nearly sixty per cent of their number -- that caught many people’s attention. The babies carried in the arms of siblings little older than themselves; the frightened toddlers ...

Annual Report 2013

11 de June de 2014

In 2013, UNICEF moved forward with determination to build on that progress, working together with our partners in more than 190 countries to find new ways of realizing the rights of every child, especially the most disadvantaged. Our efforts to support the most vulnerable children and their families took place against the backdrop of a global economy more stable than ...

Guidance Note on Disability and Emergency Risk Management for Health

9 de October de 2013

An estimated 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability, yet they are among the most vulnerable and neglected in any type of emergency. Evidence gathered from previous events shows that people with disabilities are disproportionately affected and experience particularly high rates of mortality and morbidity. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ...

Friens Care

19 de June de 2013

Hurricanes, storms, and any stressful events can be particularly difficult for young children who may not fully understand what’s going on around them. These games and tips can help them feel safe, cope with emotions, and understand that there is hope for the future.

Compromisos Básicos para la Infancia

15 de February de 2013

Esta publicación establece el marco mundial para las actividades humanitarias en favor de la infancia que llevan a cabo de UNICEF y sus aliados.