Progress for Children Beyond Averages: Learning from the MDGs (No. 11)

23 de June de 2015

This eleventh edition of Progress for Children is UNICEF’s final report on the child-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It presents latest data that show while the MDGs helped drive tremendous advances in the lives of the world’s children, development efforts in the past 15 years failed to reach millions of the most disadvantaged. The report spotlights where the international community ...

Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: Applying MoRES to inform national policies and strengthen existing systems

12 de December de 2014

Because Nicaragua is a lower-middle-income country where the work of UNICEF focuses more on upstream advocacy work and technical assistance than on direct service delivery, the extensive engagement of government counterparts and other partners was crucial from the very beginning MoRES 1 UNICEF, 2014: Formative Evaluation of UNICEF’S Monitoring Results for Equity Systems (MoRES): Nicaragua Country Report, Final Draft application. ...

Comprehensive Care for Children, Adolescents and Pregnant Women with HIV

17 de January de 2014

#### Final Report to the Donor UNICEF has been supporting the Ministry of Health’s (MINSA’s) efforts to scale up vertical transmission prevention actions through the donation of laboratory equipment and the training of health personnel to take HIV diagnosis closer to the population. The country’s 153 municipalities currently have the right conditions for the HIV rapid test (laboratory equipment, reagents ...

Towards an AIDS-free Generation. Children and AIDS. Sixth Stocktaking Report 2013

1 de December de 2013

The Sixth Stocktaking Report accounts for both progress made and setbacks identified in the last two years. Globally countries have made more inroads on new HIV infections among children since 2011 than in the previous decade, but the rate of slowing new infections isn't yet on track to meet Millennium Development Goal 6 by its 2015 deadline. In the report, ...

Política Pública VIH

15 de February de 2013

La Política Nacional de Prevención y Control de ITS, VIH y Sida, de Nicaragua, es un conjunto normativo de acciones, disposiciones, principios, procedimientos, orientaciones y directrices de carácter público, dictadas por los órganos estatales competentes, para dar respuesta nacional al VIH y Sida, y garantizar el acceso universal a la prevención, atención, tratamiento y apoyo relativos al VIH y Sida.

Antología del VIH

15 de February de 2013

El Antología se realizó para apoyar el desarrollo de la temática relacionada con la educación sobre el VIH, de tal forma que contribuya a la labor pedagógica de los docentes y facilitarles la planificación didáctica