20 de November de 2014

Reimagine the Future: Innovation for every child

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, this edition of The State of the World’s Children calls for brave and fresh thinking to address age-old problems that still affect the world’s most disadvantaged children. The report is inspired by the work of innovators around the world – who are pushing boundaries and crafting solutions for local problems that reflect urgent global needs – towards a future in which all children can enjoy their rights.

The digital report is a crowd-sourced compilation of stories and videos. It includes an interactive platform that maps innovations in countries all over the world, and invites users to put their own ideas ‘on the map’. It is available at http://sowc2015.unicef.org/

This Executive Summary provides an overview of the digital report and the context of UNICEF’s call for innovation for equity. It also presents key statistics on child survival, development and protection for the world’s countries, areas and regions.

For more information: sowc2015.unicef.org

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