A group of adolescent during the celebration of the International Broadcasting Day Festival promoted by UNICEF. © UNICEF/Nicaragua-2012/J. Barreto

This component will contribute to the definition of policies and programmes to reduce the different expressions of violence against children and adolescents and to the creation of protecting environments for those in situations of exclusion.

The programme will provide technical assistance to analyze the gaps and increase the capacities of the Ministry of the Family, Adolescents and Children (MIFAN) to apply the Action Model for recovering rights and for special protection (Love Programme).

In 24 prioritized municipalities, support will be given for actions to prevent and respond to situations of violence, commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking in accordance with the recommendations of the world study: Violence Against Children. There will also be support for the inter-sectoral work of the National Coalition for the Fight against Human Trafficking and for the implementation of the integrated response model for victims of violence and its adaptation to the context of indigenous communities.

Assistance will also be provided to the judicial branch for the implementation and linkage of actions on juvenile penal justice in the Caribbean Coast region and prioritized municipalities; and to the Public Ministry for the implementation of the penal prosecution policies at the level of the country’s departments.

Under the leadership of the Youth Institute, this component will help define a national policy for comprehensive adolescent development with the participation of the Ministries of Education, Health and the Family and in coordination with the United Nations System.

Self-care and protection skills will be promoted among excluded adolescents through reflection-action processes, taking advantage of their own arenas. To achieve this, the networks of adolescent communicators and adolescent promoters will be expanded.
Meanwhile, family competencies will be enhanced to given them a better understanding of the challenges faced by adolescents and to guarantee a protecting and supportive environment. Municipal governments and the Cabinets of Citizens’ Power will be trained to strengthen their skills for intergenerational dialogue with adolescents, while at the same time adolescent capacities will be enhanced in relation to forms of organization to allow their effective participation in these decision-making arenas.

The programme will strengthen the National Statistics System’s capacity to produce and analyze disaggregated information on children and adolescents, stressing analysis of the situation of children and adolescents in conditions of greater disadvantage and of gaps due to gender, ethnicity, generation, socioeconomic level, and place of origin. It will also enhance MIFAN’s capacity to generate and analyze information on the child rights situation and to monitor the recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child.


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